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Developed by Staten Islanders, for Staten Islanders.

As Staten Island continues to face the tragic drug epidemic plaguing our communities, too often we hear that when they needed help, Staten Islanders did not know where to turn. Despite the life-saving work being done by so many, it seemed that most Islanders did not know how to access these services.

SIHOPE.org was developed by Staten Islanders, for Staten Islanders, to solve this problem. This website and public awareness campaign serve as a one-stop-shop for those battling addiction, those with a loved one who is struggling, or those who simply want to get involved in helping end this terrible crisis.

To make sure every Staten Islander knows about SIHOPE.org, teams of volunteers are out hitting the streets of Staten Island delivering information door to door and putting up signs throughout the borough. We will not stop until every Staten Islander is equipped with the knowledge of how to access services should they or someone they love need help.

Looking for real time data on Staten Island's drug epidemic?

The Staten Island Performing Provider System has you covered.

Track whats happening in your neighborhood

The Staten Island Performing Provider System (PPS) created this dynamic, user-driven dashboard so that individuals, families, community members and professionals can access real time data in response to this crisis. The portal gets updated monthly.

Learn more
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Sort through the data and see firsthand how many lives have been saved with naloxone. Find information on innovative behavioral health initiatives and get connected to others who are taking action to save our borough.

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Organizations and individuals fighting the drug crisis may use the dashboards to monitor, track and analyze what’s happening right in your neighborhood.

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This dashboard provides comprehensive data about overdose and addiction on Staten Island. The Staten Island PPS was formed by RUMC, SIUH and over 75 local partner organizations transforming healthcare in our borough.

What else are we doing?

District Attorney Michael E. McMahon has taken the fight against the opioid epidemic on many fronts.

DA McMahon about the Overdose Response Inititative at a press conference speaking at podium

OVERdose response initiative

The Overdose Response Initiative (ORI) was begun in 2016 through a partnership between the NYPD and District Attorney McMahon after a young man overdosed in his neighborhood shortly before he took office. Upon taking office, DA McMahon asked for the file on the young man’s death, and was told that these overdoses were not investigated but treated as any other natural death.

ORI involves treating the scene of an overdose like a crime scene, where the NYPD, our Investigators, and our Assistant District Attorneys gather information about the victim in an effort to trace the evidence back to the dealer that sold them the fatal poison. Since it's inception, this strategy has led to several major takedowns, and the arrests of dozens of drug dealers across Staten Island. The success of ORI has led to its expansion throughout the five boroughs.   Learn more


Heroin Overdose Prevention and Education (HOPE) Initiative

In January 2017, District Attorney McMahon launched the HOPE Initiative, an innovative pre-arraignment diversion program designed to redirect low-level drug offenders to community-based health services instead of jail and prosecution. Developed for Staten Island, the HOPE program is commited to reducing overdoses; improving health outcomes by exposing those in need to treatment options and resources, including harm reduction services, Naloxone training and distribution from a peer mentor, and improving public safety by reducing criminal activity. Since its inception, the HOPE initiative has been extraordinary successful, and has connected hundreds of Islanders to recovery services.   Learn more

Staten Island Supreme Courthouse

Creation of special Supreme Court Part to Hear Drug Cases

In order to more effectively and efficiently prosecute drug cases, District Attorney McMahon created a special Supreme Court Part to exclusively hear drug cases, allowing the justice system to focus resource on dealing with serious drug dealers who peddle dangerous poison in our neighborhoods. Learn more

kids sitting and listening to a presention on the No D programin an auditorium at State Island Tech

"NO D Program"

For several years, Assistant District Attorneys have given presentations at public and private Island middle and high schools on the status of our drug epidemic, the consequences of drug use, and how to avoid falling victim to the opioid crisis. The program, in addition to other efforts by our partners in government and community outreach, will continue until we reach our ultimate goal of mandatory substance abuse education in all of our schools, for all of our children.

Borough President James Oddo speaking to ninth grade New Dorp students.

Borough President Oddo & NYPD “Too Good For Drugs” Program"

To teach our young people about the dangers of drug use and to instill positive life lessons on healthy living and leadership, Borough President James Oddo & the NYPD have teamed up to teach Staten Island's fifth, seventh, and ninth graders about the dangers of drug use, how to make positive decisions, and how to speak with their families and loved ones about the epidemic in our borough. Learn more

District Attorney

Michael E. McMahon

District Attorney Michael McMahon

Michael E. McMahon was inaugurated as the District Attorney of Richmond County on January 1, 2016.
He serves as the chief law enforcement officer on Staten Island.

Recognizing the significant challenges facing Staten Island as an epicenter in the heroin and prescription drug crisis, McMahon has made this issue a central focus for the Richmond County District Attorney’s Office (RCDA). McMahon has led multiple takedowns of dozens drug dealers and created New York City’s first Overdose Response Initiative. Under this Initiative, RCDA works with the NYPD to investigate overdose deaths as criminal investigations. In addition, McMahon spearheaded efforts with the Heroin Overdose Prevention & Education (HOPE) program to expand treatment options and develop and facilitate innovative early diversion opportunities for those suffering from addiction who find themselves in the criminal justice system. He continues to be a leader in law enforcement focused on developing innovative and effective solutions to the drug epidemic, including the launch of SIHOPE.org, a grassroots campaign to unify a community response to the drug epidemic and a one-stop-shop website of resources for those impacted by the crisis.

Prior to being elected District Attorney in 2015, McMahon was a practicing trial attorney for 30 years, legal counsel to Assemblyman Eric Vitaliano and Assemblywoman Elizabeth Connolly, and legislative counsel to City Council Member Jerome X. O’Donovan. He served as the City Council Member representing Staten Island’s North Shore for eight years before being elected to Congress in 2008. After leaving Congress, he returned to law as a Partner in the international law firm Herrick Feinstein. McMahon was born and raised in Staten Island and is a graduate of New York University and New York Law School. He and his wife, Judge Judith McMahon, reside in Randall Manor, in the home where they raised their children, Joseph and Julia.