Due to the far-reaching impact that COVID-19 has had on Staten Island and around the world, many of the providers listed throughout SIHOPE.org may have different operating hours, locations, and capabilities than what is listed here. For the most up-to-date information, or if you or someone you love is in need of assistance in their recovery journey, please call 917-202-8812 or email David.Claros@rcda.nyc.gov. If you are in a medical emergency, please call 911.
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Speak with a trained addiction counselor and learn how to access resource & recovery options in your neighborhood.

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Learn the signs that your loved one may have an addiction problem and how to encourage them to seek help.

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Volunteer, report illegal drug activity in your neighborhood, and get involved with local advocacy efforts.

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Get real-time data on the drug epidemic, & see what else is being done to combat drug abuse on Staten Island.

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What is sihope.org?

Developed by District Attorney Michael E. McMahon,
Staten Islanders now have a place to turn.


The Problem

As Staten Island continues to face the tragic drug epidemic plaguing our communities, we realized most Staten Islanders did not know where to turn when addiction hit their home.


What we're doing

We have launched SIHOPE.org; a one-stop-shop for those battling addiction, those with a loved one who is struggling, or those who simply want to get involved in helping end this terrible crisis.


Our Goal

We will not stop until every Staten Islander is able to access resource & addiction recovery services should they or someone they love need help.


This drug epidemic has claimed the lives of hundreds of Staten Islanders, and has changed the lives of thousands more. Yet in the midst of tragedy, there are signs of hope. These ten Staten Islanders have bravely shared their stories of addiction and recovery. Meet our “Faces of Hope”.

ten faces of recovery